Jeunesse Ultra Absorbent Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Ultra Absorbent Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Ultra Absorbent Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Ultra Absorbent Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Ultra Absorbent Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Ultra Absorbent Night Pad 5’s

Jeunesse Ultra Absorbent Night Pad

Jeunesse Anion Ultra Absorbent Night Pads With Wings, 28 cm long

Product Specifications




12 x 4.5 x 9 cm

Pack Qty.



71.00 PHP

Product Description

  • Contains highly protective super-absorbent polymer for superior liquid retention
  • With Anion strip that helps eliminate odor and reduce feminine discomfort
  • Specially designed back adhesive to keep pad securely in place
  • Sterilized and dirt-free layer
  • The sixth breathable bottom layer allows free flow of air
  • Top cover made of excellent quality cotton for maximum comfort and softness
  • With side-leak guards that help prevent strike-through

Customer Reviews

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Hernani Alamo

The long night pads secure ka na walang leaks in the whole night

Hernani Alamo

I want to try free trial this product a long pads khit malakas Ang period di sya tatagos

Agnes M.

Cheaper than kpads same effect & purpose.

Rachel T.

Maganda siya hindi talaga tumatagos at hindi nagbasa kahit puno na.. thanks po!

Sheng M.

This item seems to help regulate my period. Sa regular napkin sobrang lakas. Pero ito 2 days ko pa lang ginagamit i see the improvement with my flow, hindi siya ganun kalakas at hopefully tumigil na kase its been weeks na.. anyways thank you. The product came well-packed. Kudos!

Via S.

I ordered this sanitary napkin 3 times already because its not itchy, and its absorbent

Janice F

eto talaga lagi ko binibili kasi it revolves my menstrual issues.. i have received the item well packaged and sulit siya.. mabilis din na deliver.. satisfied customer here


I found my perfect partner.It's all natural,non woven,non irritating and super absorbent.So easy to use and very comfy.And the rest so affordable. #JeunesseAnion

Anna Marcelo

This is what i love most of all the variant. Caption says it all. No leaks talaga. Worry free ako. Hindi pa itchy sa skin.

aileen cenizal

i love jeunesse utra night pads, because kahit nung galaw mo matulog hindi talaga tatagos sobrang absorbent ,fresh less odor

Liezl Adeen Qaddoumi

I don't have to worry even during heavy periods because I can count on Jeunesse Night and Ultra night Pad. No leaks and stays in place even when I have to move. 😍 #positivelybetter with Jeunesse Anion

Janine Ella Anongos

My menstrual flow is really heavy so I used to wear baby diapers (don't judge me!) on my second and third days because these days are the heaviest. Although the pads of Jeunesse Anion are thin, which made me really skeptical in trying it, it was worth the try. I never imagined their ultra thin pads to be so powerful. With the Jeunesse Anion All-Night Pad, to be honest, I never had any leak issues anymore. I swear! This is because each pad has a super absorbent polymer that gives superior liquid retention so it is guaranteed that there will be no leaks for you anytime of the day. Another reason I fully switched to this brand.

Phylicia Marie Pineda

All Night: This one was my sister’s favorite variant. After using them, she immediately asked me to repurchase. Long, sturdy, and can absorb a lot of liquid, it’s perfect for those who consistently have really heavy flow.

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