Anions or negatively charged ions are molecules floating in the air that exist in nature including the mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and the like. These are good for your health, which is why we feel so energized, rejuvenated, and destressed when we are near these beautiful places.

The green part that can be found in our pads is not a cooling sheet technology rather, an anion strip which is scientifically tested that helps eliminate unwanted odor, helps reduce period pain, and fights against infections and vaginal irritations

Your pad should be changed every 3-4 hours before it gets full. You may experience instances where you could have a lesser blood flow but it doesn’t mean there’s no need to change your sanitary pad. You must change your pad at regular intervals as it would help in staying hygienic.

It is pronounced as “zhoe-ness ah-nion”. A French word meaning young.

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