Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pad 5’s
Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pad 5’s

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12 x 3.5 x 9 cm

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63.00 PHP

Product Description

  • Top cover made of excellent quality cotton for maximum comfort and softness
  • With Anion strip that helps eliminate odor and reduce feminine discomfort
  • With side-leak guards that help prevent strike-through
  • Contains highly protective super-absorbent polymer for superior liquid retention
  • Sterilized and dirt-free layer
  • The sixth breathable bottom layer allows free flow of air
  • Specially designed back adhesive to keep pad securely in place

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Monique grace sabarillo

Works during the heavy days.Worry free to stain the bedsheet.


What i love jeunesse period products is the packaging. Sterility wise, naka aluminum foil pouch. Then yung pad is individually wrapped inside at perfectly sealed. Hindi madaling ma penetrate ng foreign particles inside the pad kaya safe sya ilagay sa loob ng bag mo. The price is reasonable naman. I recommend this brand. I'm a user of jeunesse since 2012. Gawa din kayo ng menstrual panties :)

Rejoice Puerto

I love Jeunesse Anion Extra Long Night Pad. Kasi ako yung tipo na super heavy ang flow ng mens, kaya gusto ko ung mahahabang napkin at absorbent. Good thing, I discovered this type of napkin, for me sulit ito at makakatipid kasi di ka need palit ng palit. Worry free at di nakaka irritate ng singet 😂

Hazel T.

Ok siya! the napkin is thin but very absorbent. im impressed. also thank for the freebie mask!


Sleeping at night during my red days made me worry-free with Jeunesse extra long night pad ❤️, Diba ang sarap matulog ng hindi ka nagaalala if you will stained your undies, pants and bedsheet.

Scarlet Reyes Atheena

This is my favorite variant because I can sleep well at night without over thinking of overflows and leaked.❤️ No to tagos and dirty bedsheets hehe.. Highly recommend this to all who is suffering from dysmenorrhea and itchy private area when red days ..try this and you'll see the result, I have been using this for 1 year and 2 months to be exact..❤️💚 every penny spent for this pads is worth it .❤️ They say health is wealth so don't compromise your health using cheaper pads.❤️💚

Erika E.

These are my holy grail night pads! It makes sleeping on period days very comfortable and worry-free! Also, can I just say that I absolute adore the packagings of all your products. So sleek, neat, and elegant! 😍

Jazza Torres

I always have an heavy period every month and long pads is really much needed para no tagos. This pads really always giving me comfort lalo na kapag sleeping time na. Kahit anong posisyon sa tulog no worries sa tagos. Plus!!! The anion strip!!! Aaaahhh grabeeeee 💯 no foul odor and super comfy talagaaaa 💖 super recommended girls 💖

Nina Flores

Found it perfect for me, It is nicely packed, good fragrance and very comfortable to use. There was no smell and no overloading to have the period mess up my panty or bed sheets. It is a good size for me ✨

Jeck Maierhofer

I've been a user of this long night pad for almost 3 years,for me,it's the best napkin,Why?1st of all I don't need to worry about my "Tagos" because the pad stick well on my underwear,it's thin but it doesn't get full easier.2nd of all I love that when I started using it my menstruation pain was gone,seriously!And lastly,I love that it takes away the bad odor of your menstruation.So all in all this napkin is the best in the world,it's worth it! I actually gave my friends this napkin and let them try it and we all have the same testimony.Thanks Jeunesse for creating a quality and efficient product for us women.

Luisa Renema Peru

I really hate being uncomfy during period days especially during the night and I have to sleep because I got work the following day. The extra long pad helped me feel safe and secure while sleeping. I dont get to worry about the uncomfy feeling and the worry of staining my sheets. I really recommend especially during your first two nights of period.

Mae Ann Delumen

My previous brand would have leaks if I would turn when sleeping and there would be a sudden gush of period. It's so uncomfortable! With Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pad, it is very absorbent and even if the flow is heavy, I am surprised to see that there are no stains nor leaks when I wake up in the morning. No more wet, limited movements for me. I could sleep comfortably even during heavy nights.

Dyanna Mae Cañas

This is by far my most favorite of all the Jeunesse Anion pads. My younger sister introduced this to me. She has UTI, that’s why she personally uses this eversince she knew about Jeunesse Anion because of its health benefits. I love this of all because I get to sleep at my most comfortable whenever my red days come in. No more leaks and worries because of Jeunesse Extra Long Night Pads! My red days are turning into regular ones because of this wonder! Thanks to Jeunesse Anion for making this happen!🌸🌸🌸

Dyanna Mae Cañas

This is my most favorite of all the Jeunesse Anion pads. This saves my mood when my heavy flow days come in. No more leaks and worries because of its magical features which really makes my red days like just my regular days! I also get to sleep at my most comfortable using these. Thanks to Jeunesse Anion for making this happen!🌸

Cheshire Que

Jeunesseanion is life changing. No more uncomfortable wetness, itchiness and bad odor down there. I even forget that Aunt Flow’s visiting just because this pad is ‘barely there’!

Liezl Qaddoumi

I so love this variant because it provides comfort and protection overnight! With its 32 cm long size, I don't have to worry about leaks. One of my favourite variant of Jeunesse Anion. ❤️

Kedz Katsunaga

another thing that I am loving about them is their variants, They have everything I needed from Panty liners, Ultra Thin Day ,Ultra Thin Night both with wings and Ultra Thin Day without wings plus My Fave during heavy days their Anion All Night Pads( Extra long for comfort during Night) It doesn’t make you worry about leaking while you sleep. They are like my Superhero during My Menstrual Days.

Roxi Santiago

I have tried the Jeunesse Anion Ultra Day Pad, Ultra Night Pad and the All Night Pad. I personally prefer to use the Jeunesse Anion All Night Pad just because I want to make sure I’m covered, in case I suddenly go from regular flow to heavy flow.

Sharon Joyce Valdez

Of all variants I prefer those with wings. I use 32cm All Night Pads from morning until bedtime esp during the first 3 days of my period when the flow is heavy. Many people say they are a bit pricey but I don't mind because of the health benefits they can give.

Karen MNL

It’s not magic. It doesn’t work overnight. But it works. For me, it took a few months to really see the effects. After a few more months of using Jeunesse Anio Pads, I realized that my flow had gotten really strong. But my periods had become shorter. Instead of the usual 7-8 days, my period now only lasted about 4-5 days.

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