Young Mom, You Can Do It!

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Being a mom is a tough job. What more for young first time moms? Getting married young is not new in today’s generation. So for this month, we are celebrating all the young moms and wives out there! It definitely takes courage and preparation to face this big responsibility. Transitioning from being an independent woman to being the “ilaw ng tahanan” is a challenge. That’s why we at Jeunesse researched three tips for those who are still finding the balance.

Joy Is Coming

Once you enter parenthood, it may seem that it is only getting harder and harder each time. You will experience your body slowly changing, there will be inconvenience, physical pain, lifestyle adjustments and you will be sleep deprived. But the joy that is to come will always overpower whatever hardship you might be facing.

Pause Doesn’t Mean Never

There might be days that you feel like you are missing out on a lot of things. You might think that it is too late for you to pursue your dream job , maybe study for a masteral degree, to work on your passion, travelling with friends and all these things you want to pursue for yourself. It might be on pause as of the moment, but it doesn’t mean you could never go back to it. At the season you are in right now, you may have different priorities but one day the perfect timing will come and the desires of your heart will be given to you!

Prioritize Your “ Me” Time

I know it is almost impossible to catch up on sleep or even eat so how could you even have your “me” time. Although it looks like there is no space for you to breathe, it is still a necessity for you to rest to be able to recharge and take care of your household. Remember to reward yourself with new experiences and to take care of yourself emotionally – if you’re having a rough day, speak to someone and cry if necessary. If you haven’t been able to fit back into your old clothes, go out and buy some new ones. Physically, take care of yourself by getting as much sleep as possible, asking for help if you need it and eating a healthy meal. It is also important that you have someone or people you can run to and just catch up to or mentors who can help you through the journey!

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