What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?

whats your new years resolution

Hello, 2022! Woohoo! It seems like 2021 passed by in a blink of an eye! Crazy how time flies right? It’s already been two years that we are adapting and adjusting, trying our best to survive in this pandemic era. We have learned to appreciate the little things and prioritize what really matters. We all learned to slow down, pause, and move in understanding, empathy, and love towards the people around us. We learned to understand our emotions and listen to our bodies. Self-love has been taken to the next level as a lot has learned to protect their peace. A new year means a new ray of hope, a chance to start again.

New year’s resolution has been an annual tradition for almost everybody. From losing weight, to sleeping early, from moving on to finding new love. It feels good that we have a chance to restart and correct our mistakes. But admit it, most of the time, we set these goals and forget about them after a week. Some may have followed through but it has also been a common joke that most have forgotten about them before they even make progress.

According to an article by Alyson Krueger at the New York Times, “ Some millennials and Gen Zers are abandoning the tradition, opting instead to work on themselves year-round or the moment they realize they need to change. If they really want to do things differently, they figure, why wait for Jan. 1?”  It makes so much sense that we do not need to wait for another year to start over. Giving yourself pressure often takes away the joy of reaching a goal. It often limits you and puts a false burden where you get discouraged after failing an attempt for the first time. Another angle that was pointed out in the article was that the reason many people don’t accomplish their goals is because they procrastinate. “A lot of us find ourselves always pushing things off,”. It is always better.

So as you start a new year listing down your new year’s resolutions, it is also good to give importance to reflecting on your perspectives. Learn to take it slow, let go and to focus on your own journey. Always remind yourself that there are no set rules in reaching a goal and in character growth. Take time to appreciate what you can learn in the process, rather than skipping steps to get to the finish line.

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