Steps Towards Self Love

steps towards self love

Let’s face it! We are living in a generation where the number of empowered women is progressively increasing.  When you see empowered women in action,  you cannot help but wonder what made them strong, confident and in control of their lives.  It is exhilarating to witness women coming out of their shells and unleashing their full potential.  Wouldn’t it be great if we all learn to get to know and love ourselves better and realize our worth? Self love is the very foundation every empowered woman builds on.  Here are some steps to help you learn self love:

Don’t Let Anyone Define Who You Are.

You will hear a lot of opinions and standards set by society about how women should act, look or be. It is so easy to be swayed by other people’s words, especially if everybody else thinks and says the same thing. You can be easily stereotyped and be categorized if you don’t follow a certain trend or if you look differently from the norm. You do not need to fit in. Being yourself is the best boss move you can do! Chin up and be who you are. God has created us uniquely and only Him can define you for He is the one who created you! 

Your Pace, Your Race.

It is so tempting to look around and compare the progress of others to ours. When you look at social media platforms, you will see lady bosses that are enjoying your dream. They might be younger or older than you and you feel like it is now too late or maybe success is not for you. But queen, let me tell you that it will never be too late for you to reach that goal and dream. Do not lose heart and continue pursuing that goal and dream! Wouldn’t it be amazing to share your story about overcoming challenges and helping others by sharing wisdom from the lessons you learned? Start focusing on your journey and building that inspiring story!

Failing Doesn’t Mean You’re A Failure.

Making mistakes is part of life. No one is perfect okay? Sometimes falling feels like the end. Do not be too hard on yourself queen, don’t let past mistakes define you. It doesn’t mirror who you will become! What matters is how you will act and stand up after falling. You can be a better version of yourself, always remember that. Aspire to keep on learning throughout every season you are in. Be nice and be kinder to yourself. You are supposed to be your own cheerleader. 

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