Some Battles Are Not Worth Your Energy.

Some Battles are not worth your energy

The moment we open our eyes, we are already facing different battles. May it be a pending workload, bills to pay, the urge to resign from your current job, past mistakes you wanted to be free from or any anxiety and mental battles we face. Humans tend to get overwhelmed; we overthink and we forget that we are only capable of so much. We do not have supernatural abilities to juggle everything at once. It is very important to know how to balance and choose the battles we fight for to be able to spare ourselves from getting drained emotionally, mentally and physically. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself when everything gets too overwhelming.

Is this my burden to carry?

There are instances when we are too empathetic that we can’t help but want to win a battle for or with people we love. This is a trap that most of us, one way or another, have fallen into whether we know it or not. We have relationships we treasure and want to take care of but most of the time, there are battles that are meant to be fought and wrestled with alone to learn and grow. If it isn’t your battle, refrain from carrying false burdens, you have enough worries to take care of yourself.

How big is the impact in winning this battle?

Taking a step back can help you not just identify the battles you should be prioritizing but it mostly helps you see the bigger picture and be encouraged to see what is ahead. We can be blinded at times by everything that is happening around us and it gets overwhelming then we don’t get to sort things out and end up getting burnt out. So finding the balance and knowing what battles we should put first is a big help to keep our sanity!

Let it go.

Take a deep breath. This is not a question to ask yourself but a must do from time to time. After identifying your battles, oftentimes there are things that need to be let go off. For example, a change of season or a situation that you are not fully in control of. Letting go and letting God is most of the time the answer. Remember, let tomorrow worry about itself. Take a step one day at a time. 

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