Holiday Gift Ideas

gift ideas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas right? A year has gone by in a blink of an eye! December is the season of giving and although it has been a tough year for us being in the pandemic era, we won’t let it stop us from getting our friends, family and loved ones gifts! We’re pretty sure, virtual Christmas parties and exchanging gifts with your girlfriends are happening here and there and sometimes it’s just hard to pick which present is worth it to get, so we’ve prepared a list of exciting ideas that you can give your besties this Christmas!

Disposable Camera!

Although we all have our smartphones to take photos, it hits different when it’s taken by a disposable camera right? You can stop and take a photo and still cherish the present moment without having to see the results on screen in an instant! The anticipation of seeing how these captured moments get printed is sometimes more thrilling than being able to see it on a screen! It is a little bit more special once you’re able to display it on your desk or as a design on your photo wall! Plus, the aesthetic is nothing like what you can see on app filters. I’m sure your besties will be so happy to use it during memorable moments and special occasions!

Candle Warmer and Scented Candles

While we mostly associate these two as “Tita” gifts, I’m sure anyone can appreciate and enjoy a good relaxing scent with jazz music in the background after a long and tiring day. There are also so many scent selections and affordable options in the market you can choose if you are on a tight budget!

Care Package

For your friends who have a soft spot for curated boxes and personalized things, you can make them a care package! Throw in a letter that will make their heart melt and for sure they’ll enjoy it! You can add some chocolates and a Jeunesse travel kit for their red days! I’m sure they’ll love you 10x more when they know you’ve put so much thought into a gift! Jeunesse will definitely not only make their holiday special but their entire year! The brand aims to make every woman like a queen. What makes this pad special is that it is made of seven layers. The topmost cover is made of a special quick absorbing material that stays dry for maximum comfort and softness. It is sterilized and dirt-free; and has side-leak guards that help prevent strike through. The cover also contains a super absorbent inner core material for protective superior liquid protection while allowing the free flow of air. The back adhesive is specially designed to keep pads secured in place and of course last but definitely not the least, the Anion strip! What’s good about the anion strip is that it helps eliminate unwanted odor and fights against vaginal infections and irritations based on a lab test done in 2019. What are you waiting for, make your holiday gifts to your friends are extra special with Jeunesse!

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