Hello, Adulthood!


No one is really truly ready for the next season of their lives. Transitions are always the hardest part. We don’t have time to process ourselves most especially as we cross from our teenage days to adulting. The reality might be a little scary but remember that all transitions are different for all of us. The adventures you will have to go through in your 20s can either build or break you and your future. That’s why decision making, and the way you will react to situations , is very crucial. So here’s a preview for you ladies who are entering their adulthood. Make sure to take note!

It’s Okay If You Haven’t Figured Out Life Yet.

After years of being given instructions on what to do or not to do, and knowing that your only goal is to graduate from school, life after that can somehow be a roller coaster ride. If you think you are already mature enough and you have your life and dream already figured out, well it’s not the case most of the time. Adulthood can be pretty tough and the process for each of us looks different. No one really gives you step by step instructions on what to do next, you will discover that finding a job or getting the job you desire takes time to achieve, you might feel exhausted and decide to settle instead of pursuing, you will find yourself juggling and processing emotional, mental, physical roadblocks all at once that might surprise you and make you feel that it is impossible to get over. Know that these things might push you out of your comfort zone, but you will later on realize how it helped you grow and how necessary it is for one to go through pruning.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Along the way you might feel that some people around you are doing better than you are. Their phase might be a little faster than yours, remember that God has His timing for everybody. Remember that the success of others doesn’t mean your failure and vice versa. You should be the only one you’re competing with. All that matters is that you work as hard as you can every day and improve every day. Take note of your little progress and celebrate small victories.

Don’t Make Excuses

Sometimes it is very tempting to make excuses most especially if the situation isn’t in favor of us or if it is very uncomfortable for us. But once you experience adulthood, you will be pushed to take responsibility and it is a good thing. Maturity involves facing mistakes and taking action on it. Running away won’t make us grow. Simple example is apologizing if you know you did something wrong or said something offensive. Nobody wants to hear excuses; what they want to know is that it will not happen again. One of the most valuable personal and professional skills you can acquire is the ability to offer a genuine, heartfelt apology. Apologies are free and usually solve all problems.

Take Care of Yourself

I know we often hear this and it sounds cliche but for real, this is the time that you should start taking care of yourself holistically. Start a healthy lifestyle and develop a healthy mindset. You will thank yourself later for starting early! Protect your peace by choosing the right people to surround you with, the content you consume and opinions you take. Protect your health by drinking your vitamins, sleeping early, exercising, eating healthy, managing screen time, taking care of your skin and don’t forget to choose the right pad for you!
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