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All women probably had struggles finding the right pad for them. Most just settle to what everybody else is buying and the ones that you usually see in the market. But after years and years of searching, women still put towels in their bed, waking up in the middle of the night to constantly check and change pads or wearing a diaper as an alternative to pads to avoid leaks at night while sleeping, during long drives, long working hours and workout sessions. Have you ever really stopped and asked yourself, “Is this what I really deserve? “ It is uncomfortable enough that we have to experience periods every month, and yet we still have to wear pads that we don’t trust. Just like the fact that we have different lifestyles, periods for every girl are also different. That’s why it takes a lot of trial and error before a woman find the right pad that matches her. 

Jeunesse Anion Pads

Jeunesse Anion pads are not your ordinary pad. Aside from the sleek packaging that has a matte finish, around it’s packaging are information about the pad and its benefits. It’s very important that you know the product that you are using most especially when you use it at the sensitive area of your body. It is also resealable that protects your pads from bacteria that could have been in any surface. If you think that’s it, Jeunesse is made of seven layers. The topmost cover is made of a special quick absorbing material that stays dry for maximum comfort and softness. It is sterilized and dirt-free; and has side-leak guards that help prevent strike through.  The cover also contains a super absorbent inner core material for protective superior liquid protection while allowing the free flow of air.  The back adhesive is specially designed to keep pads secured in place and of course last but definitely not the least, the anion strip! What’s good about the anion strip is that it helps eliminate unwanted odor and fights against vaginal infections and irritations based on a lab test done in 2019. 

Were you surprised? Yes it is possible to get that queen treatment from a pad! Don’t fret! You can now #maketheswitch with Jeunesse. But before that, we want to introduce to you our variants!

Jeunesse Anion Ultra All Day Non-Wing Pad

Although our non-wing pad is the shortest  with a length of 23cm among the other variants, this is one of our best-sellers. This pad is perfect for those ladies that are comfortable with pads that are just the right size or girls with minimal period flow. It is also ideal to be used when your period is about to end.

Jeunesse Anion Ultra Day Wings Pad

This one is also a crowd’s favorite. Jeunesse Anion Ultra Day Wings Pad is perfect for women who have an active lifestyle. The wings give them the extra confidence and security that their pad won’t move in place. Its length of 24.5 cm is also ideal for most women who are always on the go!

Jeunesse Anion Ultra Night Pad

This item is always sold out on our online and offline stores. Why? Because of its length. Jeunesse Anion Ultra Night Pad is 28cm long. This one is ideal for people with heavy flow and who are more comfortable with pads that have wings and are slightly longer than regular pads.

Jeunesse Anion Ultra All Night Pad

The all night pad is the longest in all Jeunesse variants. It is 32cm long. This is the answer to your prayers! The pad that will help you feel secured even when sleeping. You don’t have to use towels on your bed or to constantly check if you have leaks in your pants etc. These are ideal for women working long hours and don’t have time to check on their pads constantly.

Jeunesse Anion Pantyliner

Last but definitely not the least, the star for all season. Jeunesse Pantyliner is your bestfriend. It will help you feel dry and comfortable in between your periods. Need I say more? This pantyliner is so compact that bringing it everywhere is not a problem! 

You have 5 variants to choose from queen! What are you waiting for? Go get your Jeunesse Pads and treat yourself #likeaqueen

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