Every Woman is a Queen

every woman is a queen, jeunesse anion

What does it take to be a queen? Is there any manual available in the market to help an ordinary woman transform into a queen. The good news is, you need not be a royalty to be a queen, be popular to be called one. All women should feel like and be treated like a queen. But in case you need a checklist to see whether you have been living like a queen, here are some pointers on how to be a queen!

A Queen Embraces her True Self

A true queen accepts who she is. No we are not talking about just the beautiful parts about her but even her imperfections. For everybody to see and treat you like a queen, one must learn to look at herself and see herself as one. So ask yourself these questions : “ When no one is around me, how do I treat myself?”, “ What do I think about myself?”

A queen carries herself with grace, beauty and power. A woman who strives to be a better version of herself and pushes herself but doesn’t burden herself with things she can’t do. She accepts the things that need to be improved, chooses her battles and speaks to herself with love. Being a queen is not a title given to you by everyone around you but you give that title to yourself. You go girl!

A Queen Communicates with Confidence and Humility

There is often a thin line between confidence and arrogance. When you become so independent and you slowly learn to love yourself a little more, you develop a strong personality and opinion. It is easier for you to speak your mind and there’s a possibility that you might step on others opinions too. Being direct to the point is one of the strengths of being a queen, but so is knowing how to balance her confidence with a large dose of humility.

There is also a way to project yourself confidently but still with humility. Being open to other people’s opinion doesn’t mean you are weak . It is an act of acceptance that you don’t have the answers to everything and you know that support is important. At the same time, a queen knows to stand firm to her decisions,take responsibility for mistakes and be open to learning. After all, what made you a queen is your curiosity,lesson learned and perseverance to be better.

A Queen is a Leader

Last but definitely not the least, a queen leads her people. One of the characteristics that stands out is their natural ability to influence people. Because of this, she is fully aware of what she does, and she presents herself wisely putting into mind that her actions, thoughts and words might affect the people around her.

A queen doesn’t have to be in position to be able to lead. It will naturally show in whatever circumstances you are in. Leadership has many forms and the people surrounding you will see you as someone that can be trusted and is reliable.

Queens are not afraid of commitments, instead they will be direct when they know they probably won’t be able to show up or do something, they still turn up and follow through when they make a commitment. If you need some “me” time, it’s fine to decline an invitation to a party. A queen does not aspire to be all things to all people. She just stayed as she is and chose carefully her priorities.

No matter what others say, don’t let them change the fact that you are a queen. Wear that crown and start treating yourself like a queen girl!

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