Empowering Gifts To Give To The Women In Your Life

empowering gift to give to the women in your life

Are you one of those people who wants to make sure every gift you give to your best friends are well thought of and extraordinary? While it is given that whatever gifts we give and receive from anyone we love, most especially your best friend is always special, but after years of exchanging gifts, you have to admit that you run out of amazing ideas that would still give the element of surprise and will leave a different kind of impact to your girlies. So we prepared a list of empowering gifts to give to the women in your life!

A Good Book

You can never go wrong giving a book to anyone. It can be a feel good book that they can enjoy after a long day to relieve stress or a book related to their career where they can learn more and expand their understanding of the field or a book for self-care, and character development. These kind of gifts can be meaningful as the receiver would know that it is not just something that you picked up in the mall but it is something you thought of carefully. A kindle will also be nice for your tech savvy friends who prefers carrying all books in one device!


If there is a hobby that both you and your best friend share, you could surprise her by enrolling in a workshop you could both attend and enjoy! Not only you could share new memories, now you get to learn something together. It can also be a skill they have always wanted to acquire but haven’t just decided because they need a little push to make it happen. It is something they would for sure remember!

The Right Pad

Giving pads as a gift may sometimes be something that is uncommon, but I’m sure any woman would greatly appreciate it if it’s a gift that promotes self-care. Being on your period is such a hassle and if a friend has given something that will help a girl’s day on their red days will surely be the best gift they’d receive. Jeunesse aims to make their users feel #LikeaQueen most especially on days they feel down and uncomfortable

When you decide to#Maketheswitch Jeunesse will really take care of you! It has special qualitieslike the anion strip that has been scientifically and clinically proven to be antifungal and antibacterial and can keep you fresh up to three hours, you will definitely feel like you are treated like royalty. Not just that, Jeunesse is also ultra thin but is made with super absorbent material, you can go on with your days and plans without a worry! Choose only the pad that helps you take care and love yourself a little bit more even on days you don’t feel you’re loveable.

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