Christmas in the Philippines

Christmas In the Philippines
Filipinos don’t start their Christmas at midnight of 25th of December. Christmas songs of Jose Mari Chan can already be heard everywhere as soon as the first day of the last month of the year begins. Misa De Gallo or ‘Simbang Gabi’, a 9-day mass tradition before Christmas, is already being looked forward to since it’s a big part of Filipino culture on how they celebrate the biggest day of the year. This is not a surprise given that 80% of the population in the Philippines is catholic. The night before Christmas day is called Christmas Eve, the feast on the table before the clock strikes midnight is Noche Buena. Colder wind, livelier streets and food everywhere? Heaven on earth. No matter what the situation is, Filipinos will always celebrate Christmas like their own birthday.

But is there anything to celebrate for if we’re still in the middle of a pandemic after a whole year?


Filipinos are resilient. There’s no question about that. It is how we find light in the middle of a dark tunnel. We create happiness through little things. If we can, we cook food for everyone’s delight. But for people who cannot afford a big feast, even a soda and a plate of ‘pancit’ is already their kind of celebration. A simple celebration is still a celebration. Other countries admire us for that trait, but it certainly has an exemption and it’s not for the things we can prevent from happening. We should never use Filipino resiliency for incompetency. But this time, it’s better if we become the gift for the victims of this year’s misfortune events. Let’s be the reason why others can celebrate this holiday. After all, it’s the essence of Christmas.

Perfect Christmas Present

Filipinos love exchanging gifts with our family and friends or what we call “Monito Monita”. It’s overwhelming to receive a gift from another person. In these trying times, it is best if we buy others a gift that can be used for convenience. It’s really true that as we grow old, the more we appreciate little things from others.
As a woman myself who spends hundreds for a sanitary napkin every month, I would highly appreciate it if I received a pack or two of pads this Christmas day. It’s very practical! And to think that other people thought of something to give me that I can certainly use, that’s so considerate. With this, it’s just right to choose a present that is not just convenient but also reliable. Specifically, something that can help me for leakage-free days. Right sanitary pads don’t necessarily mean thick and wide. That’s one common misconception about napkins, right? Jeunesse Anion products has thin quick-absorbing materials and super absorbent polymer on its top layer that dries out moisture instantly. The inner layers are full of softness since it is made out of virgin pulp material, while the bottom layer still gives you that breathable freshness. And not just that! It specially offers the benefits of anions with its Anion chip that releases negative ions which promotes dirt-free, reduce discomfort and helps eliminate unwanted odor during your period. A big help to your red days during holidays!

Jeunesse Anion Pads

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