An Addendum the International Women’s Month

An Addendum the International Women’s Month

Dear strong independent women,

Every year, nations all over the world celebrate March as the International  Women’s Month in recognition of the pivotal role of women in the society.  Come to think of it, women’s contribution should be lauded not only  at this time of the year but everyday.  The status of women in our society has dramatically evolved over the years. Gone are the days when women are stereotyped as “child- bearers” and “homemakers”. Nowadays, you can read a significant number of women who have penetrated the once male dominated corporate and political world.  Strong-headed, independent women are making a great difference in their areas of influence.  But sometimes because of all the responsibilities, there’s one thing that strong independent women forget to do. It is self care. If you are one of these women, we offer some tips to help relieve daily stress:


We know you have a lot on your plate and resting might not be at the top of your priorities. But ladies, being strong just doesn’t mean being able to do anything and everything on your own. Resting and time management is also a sign of strength too! Being able to take care of your physical health is an important part of being strong! Delegate tasks if you have people that can help you, or just set a day for yourself to breathe and unwind. Do something that you enjoy or ignite a lost passion. After all you have 6 days to attend to all your errands and work. What is one day of resting, right?

Surround yourself with good people.

We don’t mean just your best friends, we mean mentors, family and people who can actually add to your growth and you can impart learnings to. Being independent doesn’t mean being alone. I’m sure being an independent woman has taught you a lot holistically. Emotional health is as important as physical health. Having people around you that you can vent to and support you will also be helpful!

Learn to walk away and to say no.

Being strong sometimes equates to how much we can endure. But one important thing in life is learning to walk away from things that aren’t helpful anymore.It can be a job, a relationship or a burden that you have been carrying. Queen, it’s okay to walk away! If saying no will help you and your mental health, it is best to do it as soon as possible. Giving up doesn’t mean you are weak. It just means you are strong enough to let go and grow! We believe in you.

Speaking of letting go of the things that aren’t helpful for you, one thing that women struggle to do is finding the right pads for them. During that time of the month, we don’t have a choice but to endure and be conscious of all day. All ladies know the struggle! That’s why Jeunesse is here for you. Jeunesse is not your ordinary pad. It has anion strips that makes it super absorbent despite being ultra thin, it also has antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevents unwanted odor. It is also breathable and can help you stay fresh for up to three hours! With Jeunesse, your red days will be positively better! #Maketheswitch, and treat yourself #Likeaqueen. Hoorey to all the women out there! Everyday is a global women’s day!

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