5 Anion Facts You Shouldn’t Ignore

5 Anion Facts
Studies show that younger consumers are more health-conscious than the previous generations. Health-promoting diet and lifestyle choices have become their priority with the compendium of information available on the web. Anion, a term we used to encounter only in Science class, has become a component of various products in the market such as air ionizer, alkaline ionizer, and anion sanitary pad among others.

Science tells us that anion is naturally formed when water drops from a height and hits the water surface giving the surrounding air a negative charge. It may sound negative but there is really nothing negative about it. We actually need more negative ions in our lives to feel positively better.

Here are five interesting anion facts that you should not ignore:

They’re vitamins in the air.

Have you experienced that sudden headache, uneasiness, or nausea in a crowded place? That’s because of the lack of anions. Anions are tasteless, odorless, invisible, and are abundantly located in bodies of water and landforms. They cause us to feel relaxed and refreshed. On the contrary, the unhealthy positively charged ions, called cations, are present in crowded and polluted areas. Exposure to cations causes fatigue, faulty mental performance, and disturbed sleep.

It has an anti-depressant capability.

Did you know that the amount of anions in our immediate environment is proportional to our bodies’ serotonin, also called happy hormones? The lack of anions may cause irritation syndrome in the form of sleeplessness, tension, migraine, nausea, palpitations, and dizziness. Studies show that if there’s a high concentration of anion in the air, it can produce an antidepressant effect in as little as 30 minutes. That’s why some cases of mood disorders are treated with negative-ion therapy together with antidepressant drugs.

It’s therapeutic.

Anions have amazing healing benefits. By increasing oxygen levels in the blood, anions help speed up recovery from fatigue, normalize brain function, and promote relaxation and calmness. Its capacity to increase calcium and sodium in the blood helps restore a healthy blood PH balance. It also promotes globulin production in the blood which, in effect, intensifies resistance to illness and infections. Anions do a great job of keeping us healthy and away from infections. Who doesn’t want any of these?

It’s an air purifier.

Ions are floating in the air around us and have either a negative or positive charge on them. Changes in the ratio of positively and negatively charged ions affect us. A higher proportion of negative ions makes us lively and enthusiastic and too many positive ions make us feel the opposite. Anions attach themselves to cations in large numbers and negatively charge those particles. As a result, viruses and bacteria become too heavy to be transported by air. Anions clear the air of airborne bacteria and allergens.

It’s 85% absorbed through the skin

Especially in the acupressure points, which have weak electric resistance. And the rest is taken in through breathing. Studies show that smaller ions such as anions are more easily absorbed by the human body through the skin and respiratory system. Then they travel through the blood and lymphatic system to the cells throughout the body.

Taking a break and staying in places near bodies of water and landforms where anions are abundant is best for us to experience these benefits. While it’s tempting to pack up and live near our favorite beach, the reality is, it’s not always possible. Good thing, there are products that incorporate anions in them.

Findings from research conducted by the University of the Philippines show that each anion strip in Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins releases 6,180 negative ions once in contact with moisture, resulting in an abundance of healing benefits. It also helps prevent bacteria, reduce feminine discomfort, and eliminate unwanted odors.

Jeunesse offers various types of anion pads depending on your needs. If your period has just started, ultra‐day pad and day pad non-wing are your perfect partners. If you have heavy flows, ultra-night pad and all-night pad got your back. And for your lighter needs, panty liner is a must-have.

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