What To Do If You Have PCOS?

what to do if you have pcos

For the longest time, PCOS ( Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ) is well known as a syndrome that affects a woman’s cycle and fertility. On the other hand, PCOS is actually a complex illness that can affect a variety of organ systems. It can also lead to major long-term consequences such as endometrial cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome if it is not properly handled. There are various ways to prevent these consequences like consulting your doctor first and following this guide:

Observe Your Symptoms

If you are experiencing irregular periods, acne, growing excessive hair in your face and body and most especially if you are experiencing intense period pain and cramps, do not think twice and consult your doctor. There are numerous drugs and therapy options for PCOS. There’s no need to ignore the symptoms or treat it as something you’ll have to deal with on your own. Consult your doctor on a frequent basis to discuss your problems, and don’t be hesitant to tell him or her if the treatment isn’t working.


Once you are diagnosed and given proper medications, consistency is important. Attending your doctor’s appointment can help you stay healthy by monitoring for issues. The periodic appointments are necessary to maintain track of your health and ensure that you do not have any symptoms. If you’re going through infertility treatment, this is very critical. Some medications can cause serious side effects, so you should be closely monitored. Other than that, tracking your period consistently is also important even if it is easy to disregard, you can opt for marking your desk calendar so it is easy to see. Endometrial cancer can develop if you don’t have regular periods. Though this issue is uncommon, frequent missing periods can raise your chances of having it.

Move It!

In general exercising is an important part of having a healthy lifestyle.. It’s especially crucial to help minimize your risk of heart disease and obesity if you have PCOS. You do not need to be an expert or to enroll in a gym to move it. Rather, aim to walk for 30 minutes a day, a few times a week. Make it fun by going for a walk at the park, in the mall, or with friends. Lifting weights is a wonderful method to gain muscle, which boosts your metabolism and improves insulin sensitivity.

Take Sugar in Moderation

Insulin resistance is connected to PCOS. Your body’s ability to process and cope with sugar is altered as a result of this. Insulin resistance, if left untreated, can lead to diabetes and a slew of other consequences. This isn’t to mean you should avoid all sweets or replace them with artificial sweeteners; instead, focus on eating natural, complete foods and avoiding as many processed meals as possible.

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