Let’s Talk About Menstrual Hygiene


Menstruation is a natural part of the reproductive cycle, but many people are unaware of that in many developing countries. Poor attitude and practice result from a lack of awareness about menstruation and menstrual hygiene. There are a number of concerns that must be addressed simultaneously in order to promote menstrual hygiene, including knowledge, availability, and quality of napkins, regular supply, privacy, water supply, napkin disposal, reproductive health education, and family support. These factors contribute to a culture of taboos, misinformation about menstruation, and potential health risks like vaginal infections. That is why it is important to start educating women as early as possible about menstrual hygiene.

Choose Your Sanitary Pad Wisely

There are a lot of choices in the market for sanitary pads. Different colors, packaging, and prices also vary depending on which is within the range of your budget. Contrary to what others think that all pads serve one purpose, there are actually pads that take care of their users beyond just preventing leaks. 

Jeunesse Anion Pad is made of six layers. Yes! If you think that that’s not enough to keep you protected, then I don’t know what will. The topmost cover is made of a special quick-absorbing material that stays dry for maximum comfort and softness. Jeunesse can absorb 3x more than other pads!  Aside from that, it is sterilized and dirt-free with side-leak guards that help prevent strikethrough. The cover also contains a super absorbent inner core material for protective superior liquid protection while allowing the free flow of air.  The back adhesive is specially designed to keep pads secured in place and of course last but definitely not the least, the anion strip! What’s good about the anion strip is that it helps eliminate unwanted odor and fights against vaginal infections and irritations based on a lab test done in 2019. So I say you should #MakeTheSwitch to Jeunesse Anion Pads!

Change Frequently

The basic guideline for maintaining vaginal cleanliness is to change sanitary napkins or tampons every 4-6 hours. When menstrual blood is produced, it draws a variety of organisms from our bodies, which multiply in the warm blood and cause discomfort, rashes, and urinary tract infections. The growth of these organisms is slowed and infections are avoided by changing your sanitary napkin or tampon on a regular basis.

Wash Regularly

Because germs cling to your body after you remove your sanitary napkin, washing your vagina is highly important. Most people wash their hands regularly, but not in the proper manner–that is, from the vagina to the anus, not vice versa. Plus, this prevents you from feeling icky the whole day!

STOP Overusing Soaps and Vaginal Hygiene Products!

I know what you are thinking, ‘what? aren’t these products meant to be used for cleaning?’. While using vaginal hygiene products every day is a good idea, avoid overusing them. Vaginas have their own cleansing mechanism that comes into play during monthly cycles, and these artificial hygiene products can obstruct this natural process, leading to infections and bacteria growth.

Dispose of Your Pad Properly

It’s crucial to properly dispose of your tampons and sanitary napkins. Before throwing them out, wrap them appropriately to prevent bacteria and illnesses from spreading. Make sure you don’t flush them because they’ll clog the toilet and cause the water to back up, spreading bacteria all over the place. After you’ve wrapped and thrown the used tampons and sanitary napkins, wash your hands well because you’re likely to contact the soiled area while wrapping them.

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