What Pad Should I Use?

what pad should i use

Every girl experiences a period differently. Some girls have a regular period and for some it’s irregular. The pain or pms symptoms can also be different. That is why it is best to consult the doctor if your period pain disrupts everyday routine. Apart from all the differences, one thing is similar to all women out there. We want to find the best partner during our red days!

Growing up, there isn’t any manual or guide in finding the pad that works wonders for women. We can walk down the aisle of colorful sanitary pads in the supermarket and not all of them provide adequate information on how it is beneficial for the users. Jeunesse Anion pad is one of a kind. Jeunesse is made with seven layers! Its top sheet is made of cottony soft material for maximum comfort and softness. It has a super absorbent layer for superior liquid protection that keeps you dry, and its side leak guards that help prevent strike through. The anion strip has been lab tested to help provide freshness up to 3 hours with its odor neutralizing property. The sixth breathable layer allows free flow of air, and its non-toxic back adhesive is specially designed to keep pads secured in place. But that’s not it, the anion strip that Jeunesse Pads have has a lot of amazing benefits! It is scientifically and clinically proven to help lessen dysmenorrhea, it eliminates unwanted odor, helps fights against vaginal infections and irritations. All of the Jeunesse variants are ultra thin! Yes ultra thin but is super absorbent! Information overload? Well that’s when you know a pad will really take care of you! Aside from these amazing benefits, Jeunesse also has 6 variants that you can use on your red days! We have prepared some recommendations for you!

Jeunesse Anion Pantyliner

Pantyliner is a must have in most women’s purses. Wearing a pantyliner has a lot of benefits like keeping you fresh for hours and preventing leaks in your underwear. Jeunesse has 2 variants of liners, the 15.5 cm and the newest addition to the collection, the 18cm.These liners are recommended for in-between period use.

Jeunesse Anion Ultra Day Non-Wing Pad

If you are that type of girl who loves going to the gym or doing yoga, we recommend this one for you. Aside from it being ultra thin, it is also non-wing and is 23cm in length. It won’t bulge on tight workout pants or leggings. This pad is one of the crowd’s favorites. This pad is also best to be used when you are in the beginning of your period.

Jeunesse Anion Ultra Day with Wings Pad

The day pad with wings is slightly longer than the non-wing day pad. It is 24.5cm in length and is ultra thin as well. This pad is best to be used if you will be running a few errands or you’ll be sitting at work for a few hours because of the wing support. This is also a pad that might work best for you if you are in the middle of your period cycle with medium flow.

Jeunesse Anion Ultra Night Pad

This pad is recommended for people who always are running errands and are on the go! The ultra night pad is 28cm and has wings that will make sure your pad is secured and in place! This pad is best used on your first day of heavy flow!

Jeunesse Anion Ultra All Night Pad

Based on its name, this might have to be the crowd’s number one choice. The all night pad is the longest among all the variants. It is 32 cm! This pad is ideal to be used when you want to have a sound sleep at night. No more towels on the bed or period stains on the sheet! This pad is also for women who will be going on a long drive, plane ride, or if you have to be on duty for hours at work.

Although all of Jeunesse Anion Pad variants are super absorbent, it is still best to change your pad regularly for hygienic purposes.

You can avail these pads online through Shopee, Lazada, Food Panda, Metro Mart and Grab Mart. We are also available offline! You can visit Watsons Personal Care outlets, Mercury Drug and All Day Supermarket.

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