Guide to Womanhood

Guide to Womanhood

Adolescence (age 10-19) is the period of transition from childhood to adulthood characterised by the rapid changes in a person’s physical, intellectual, personality and social development. When a girl turns 18, she is considered a woman. How many of us women wish we have a book or a guide on how to cope with these changes? For our little ladies out, here are some guidelines to help you navigate this transition period with ease.

Your body changes and that’s okay.

During adolescent period, you may experience changes in your body like breast growth and growth of body hairs. But that’s fine! The good news is, you don’t have to be awkward about it because everybody experiences it! There will surely be little adjustments here and there but you will get the hang of it.

What do I wear?

During this period of your body changing, it’s best to ask or consult adults on what to wear like the perfect bra size and underwear. Since you are transitioning into a young lady, protecting yourself by what you wear is essentially more important than when you were still a little girl. Your style might change a little but it’s for the best!


Period is every girl’s nightmare but, to all the teenagers out there, do not fret! There are ways to make your red days a little better.

Around 12-14 years old is where it all starts. Girls, do not be afraid to ask your parents, guardians or your older sisters about periods. It is best to be informed and ready for it. It may seem awkward but it will make your life a little easier with proper education.

Choose the right pad to grow with you! It may not seem so vital and important, but this is one thing that you should invest in. Jeunesse Anion pads have an important component that you cannot simply find in your regular sanitary napkins. It gives the best experience for women during their red days. It is ultra thin but super absorbent, breathable, and it has an anion strip that is proven to be anti- fungal, anti-bacterial and last but definitely not the least eliminates unwanted odor!


We are raised in a culture where womanhood issues are not often talked about. It always feels awkward opening up about it with our parents, older sister, teachers or even friends. Remember it is better to be informed as it plays a big role in your transition in life. But do not forget to enjoy your journey because you will only go through it once! Take note of the little things, learn from your mistakes and be positively better

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